The Grand Canyon, Nevada – Top Tips

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If you have not rented a car, or do not plan to drive so far yourself, many other options are on hand to view the Grand Canyon.

You can obtain coach tours to the area, and these are comfortable and air-conditioned with toilets, and are good value, but again you are still caught with the travel time and it is longer on these tours. You additionally will not be stopping every 10 minutes to take photos and video as you would if you drive yourself.

One other option that is much faster is to take to the air. You may well think this is expensive, well in nearly all cases it is. Going by helicopter is certainly not low-cost, and will put you back at least $200 per person, but it is a fantastic experience hovering in the Grand Canyon itself, and soaring over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, as well as beautiful views of Las Vegas. A lot of folk are not aware though that you may find cheap flights from Vegas to the Canyon and that is by using a prop aeroplane. As with the helicopters, they take-off from McCarran Airport, and pick you up, and drop you off at the hotel, but the price is much lower. I haggled them down to $80 each for a 3 hour flight.

The only downside is that you can’t hover for photos, and it is noisier than the helicopters, but for the money and experience it is well worth it, and the views are just as spectacular from the air.

One final thing, if you have flown in from Europe, or Eastern USA, as you leave Las Vegas, if it is a clear day, the pilot generally flies over the Grand Canyon, so you get a free view, although it may be a little misty from the altitude, and you do require a right-hand side window seat.

Egypt reiterates commitment to peace treaty with israel – LG Leather Phone Case Manufacturer

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CAIRO, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) — Egypt reiterated on Friday its commitment to keeping the international treaties, including the peace treaty with Israel, one day after Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf reportedly said the peace treaty was open to discussion and changes.

Egypt is committed to all international agreements, including the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations, a Foreign Ministry official was quoted by official MENA news agency as

Cairo abides by the peace agreement with Israel if the latter does the same, the source said.

The source confirmed that the Egyptian ambassador to Israel met Friday with Israeli foreign ministry officials, who requested an explanation for the statements made by some Egyptian officials on the peace accord.

In an interview with Turkish TV broadcast on Thursday, Sharaf said the Camp David accord was not a sacred book and was open to discussion and changes as long as it served for a just peace in the region.

The remarks apparently raised concerns from Israel, whose relations with Egypt has recently been affected by the riots near the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

Egyptian protestors stormed a building housing the Israeli embassy on Sept. 9 and forced the evacuation of the Israeli ambassador and some embassy staff to home temporarily.Egypt reiterates commitment to peace treaty with israel – LG Leather Phone Case ManufacturerEgypt reiterates commitment to peace treaty with israel – LG Leather Phone Case ManufacturerEgypt reiterates commitment to peace treaty with israel – LG Leather Phone Case ManufacturerEgypt reiterates commitment to peace treaty with israel – LG Leather Phone Case ManufacturerEgypt reiterates commitment to peace treaty with israel – LG Leather Phone Case ManufacturerEgypt reiterates commitment to peace treaty with israel – LG Leather Phone Case ManufacturerEgypt reiterates commitment to peace treaty with israel – LG Leather Phone Case ManufacturerEgypt reiterates commitment to peace treaty with israel – LG Leather Phone Case Manufacturer

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Make Unforgettable Cherished Holiday Memories With A Nile Cruise In Egypt

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The Nile cruise in Egypt is something which every visitor looks forward to and rare is the visitor who does not take part in it.Sailing down the mighty Nile is like reliving the glorious past of the Pharaohs and visitors can be forgiven if for some time they forget that they are living in the present. The images of Cleopatra sailing in barges on the Nile are too enduring to be forgotten and most visitors on Egypt holidays wish to set sail just like Cleopatra. Whether it is the big liners cruising down the river or the Nile cruise small boats, they offer an amazing experience.

The lush valley of the Nile surrounded by golden sand dunes, fertile fields and ancient villages puts a spell on the tourists. Waking up to the soft dawn and basking in warm sunlight before taking a dip into the deck pool is rejuvenating and relaxing. The rhythm of the river soothes and calms you as you take in fishermen casting nets, farmers tilling their fields and water buffaloes lying in the waters. Travel to Egypt becomes even more memorable when you book a Nile cruise in Egypt as it gives you a chance to see amazing historical spots like Abu Simbel and KomOmbo while simultaneously allowing you to discover and see places which are often not on the regular tourist track.

For a different experience altogether, you can book a felucca ride in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. Feluccas are traditional wooden sailing boats with a billowing sail and you will enjoy gliding gently on the waters. In Cairo, you can explore its riverfront on a felucca and it is an amazingly soothing experience after the hustle and bustle of the city. Sit on comfortably cushioned seats and observe the captain handle the sail expertly, a knowledge which has been passed on from father to son since the ancient times. Watch transfixed the citys many minarets soaring in the sky alongside skyscrapers, monuments and bridges and see the city lights come alive making for a most romantic setting. Feluccas can be either pre-booked or you can simply show up at the dock and strike a bargain with the captain.

You can also ride on a dahabeya to experience what it was like to be ferried on the Nile like the Europeans in the early part of the 19th century. This is a colonial style sailing boat and was used by rich Europeans. A dahabiya Nile cruise will let you explore ancient temples and archaeological sites which are not on the usual tourist road.

Whichever option you care to go for, you can be rest assured that your Nile cruise in Egypt will give you cherished memories, the likes of which will be difficult to come by.

Get cheap holidays to Egypt.

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Egypt, home to some of the best preserved antiquities and monuments in the world is a fascinating destination. Cairo, the capital city is your gateway to the past as well as a starting point for most Egypt holidays.

Cairo is located along the Nile and is a beautiful blend of modern life and ancient traditions, also home to the friendliest people in the region.The Giza Plateau is located approximately 30 minutes south of Cairo city centre, is perhaps, the main attraction for tourism. Visit the Great

Pyramid of Cheops, sphinx and Solar Boat Museum for a half-day excursion during daylight, and return for an evening sound and light
performance after dark.

The Egyptian museum, conveniently located in the central metro are of Cairo is home to priceless art and antiquities dating back to the early
pharaohs through the height of Egyptian civilization during the 18th and 19th dynasties. The Mummy Room located upstairs to the right,
displays with reverence the remains of Ramses II, Amenhotep II, Thuthmosis IV and more.

Board the Nile cruise ship in Aswan or Luxor for the next leg of the well rounded Egypt holiday. This cruise is a three to seven night journey through the Upper Egypt monuments. A full day is devoted to the city of Luxor for the Valley of the Kings, the Ramusseum, Luxor and Karnak Temples, and the Luxor Museum. Early risers may opt for a 6am hot air balloon ride over the valley for a bird’s eye view of the rugged
terrain and all that is built upon it.

Additional tour options include a Lake Nassar cruise or a one hour flight from Aswan to Abu Simbel for a self-guided walk through of the
mammoth mortuary temples built by Ramses II, also known as Ramses the Great. Additional stops on the Nile cruise include the Ptolemy city of
Edfu, Esna, Kom Ombo for visits to the remains of the crocodile worship temple and the picture perfect beauty of Aswan to the south.

The perfect culmination to an adventure through antiquity is a trip to the Red Sea with its crystal clean waters and powder white sands. Some
of the most popular destinations on the Red Sea include Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam for the best diving in the world, water
sports, dining, shopping and beautiful natural surroundings where the desert meets the sea.

Cheap all inclusive holidays to Egypt are highly recommended as it leaves out the hassles of having to plan every aspect of your holiday.

This kind of trip is a truly unforgettable experience that relaxes you leaving you with complete peace of mind.

The Peninsula and Oriental Navigation Company, otherwise known as P&O

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The company we now know as P&O Cruises began in 1815 when the company (then known as Wilcox and Anderson, after its two founders) started a cargo service between England and the Iberian Peninsula. Twenty years later Wilcox and Anderson began to take passengers on their cargo vessels. From these simple beginnings a new form of travel was born, for which much of the credit must go to Arthur Anderson who had the breadth of vision to foresee a day when people would sail on ships as a leisure activity.

In 1840 the company won an important contract that enabled them to expand their routes to include the port of Alexandria in Egypt. A new high speed vessel was built for this longer route, a paddle steamer which the company named the S.S. Oriental, and at the same time the line was renamed The Peninsula and Oriental.

Inspired by the growing interest in sea travel to exciting destinations, P&O placed an advert in 1843 in the Times of London for a round trip cruise to Constantinople on the paddle ship Tagus. This is arguably the first recorded advertisement for cruise holidays . One of the early passengers was William Makepeace Thackeray who sailed as a guest of P&O and wrote about his experiences in a book; probably the first example of celebrity endorsement

In 1904 P&O re-fitted one of their Australian mail ships, the Roma, re-named it the Vectis and began cruising to the Norwegian Fjords.

By the early thirties P&O were pioneering cruise holidays to Australia with the 23,000 ton Strathaird conveying 1,100 passengers to Brisbane. Now P&O are the antipodes’ leading cruise line with cruises to the South pacific and Asia from Australian and New Zealand ports.

During the thirties cruising became increasingly popular, with new liners such as the Canberra, the Oriana, and the Arcadia sailing more and more routes, but this was brought to an abrupt halt by the Second World War. The cruise liners were pressed into service as troop carriers, and history was to repeat itself in 1982 when P&O’s Canberra transported troops down to the South Atlantic at the start of the Falklands War. The ship received a rapturous reception when she sailed back to her homeport of Southampton, her decks lined with service personnel.

After World War II P&O Cruises transported over one million British passengers (known as the Ten Pound Poms) to a new life in Australia, as part of a government scheme to populate the country. The voyage took four weeks and for most of the passengers it was their first time at sea. Sixty years later those early pioneers still remember the P&O ships with affection.

After a century and a half P&O cruises are still providing the sterling service that began with the S.S. Oriental and is now being provided on cruise deals with modern super liners that sail the world under the P&O flag.

Enjoy Karnak Temple And Valley Of The Kings From Safaga Port Available-travel Egypt

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Karnak temple and Valley of the kings from Safaga Port

Private shore trip to visit the Karnak temple and Valley of the kings in Luxor from Safaga Port by private air condition van and private guide

Departure: Daily Shore Excursion
Length: 12 Hours
Type: Private Port Trips
Guide: Certificate English guide

Tour Itinerary
Available Travel representative will pick you up from your cruise ship in Safaga port for Luxor Full Day Tour from Safaga Port our experienced guide will accompanied you to enjoy a day excursion from Safaga to Luxor, which lasts approximately 3 hours. You will enjoy all the comforts of a modern, air-conditioned, private vehicle throughout your tour. You will start your trip in Luxor by admiring the River Nile which flows from south to north. Then visit the Valley of the kings, where you will enter three tombs and colossi of Memnoun. Then you will take a felucca ride in the Nile to cross from the west to the east bank. Lunch will be including. After that you will move to visit the Karnak temple, the largest place of worship ever built, the temple contain many temples inside. Free time in Luxor or you will have a shopping tour in the old market in Luxor. Then you will return to your cruise in Safaga Port.

Price Details
Tour Price includes :
– Two ways by private A/C car Safaga/Luxor/ Safaga
– Admission fees to the above sightseeing
– Certificated English Egyptologist tour guide
– Lunch at Local restaurant
– One Water and one Soft drink during the tour
– Shopping tour in Bazaars (if the time permitted)
– Pick up and drop off services from – to your Cruise Ship
– All transfers by Air Conditioned vehicle

Book Now
Hossam El Habashy

Ms Egypt Crown Empress Luxury Cruise Fro Aswan To Luxor

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Day 1: Arrive Aswan – Nile Cruise sights
Meet and assist by our travel REP upon arrival at Aswan airport, train terminal, or hotels in Aswan. Then you will be transferred by private air-conditioned vehicle to embark your Nile Cruise. Lunch meal is served aboard the cruise, followed by a guided tour to visit the High Dam, the Granite Quarries, and the Temple of Philae. Back to the cruise ship for dinner, Overnight stay in Aswan.

Day 2: Kom Ombo – Edfu Nile Cruise sights
Breakfast on board the cruise, start sailing to Kom Ombo to visit the Temple shared by the two gods Sobek and Haeroris in Kom Ombo. Lunch is served a board the cruise, continue sailing to Edfu to visit Hours temple. Back to the cruise for afternoon tea and dinner on board and overnight in Edfu.

Day 3: Luxor – Nile Cruise sights
After breakfast sail to Luxor. Lunch is served and then you will be taken in a guided tour to the East Bank of the Nile River in Luxor to visit the most famous Karnak and Luxor Temples. Return to the ship for afternoon tea, dinner and overnight stay in Luxor.

Day 4: Luxor sightseeing / Disembarkation
Disembarkation after breakfast, followed by aguided visit the West Bank of the Nile in Luxor to see the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at El Deir EL Bahari, and the Colossi of Memnon. From there you will then be transferred to Luxor airport, train terminal or Luxor hotels.

Tour includes:
Meet and greet service by our REP in arrival & departure Transportation by private air-conditioned Modern vehicle Accommodation aboard 5 star nile cruise ship on full board basis
Tour to visit Karnak temple and Luxor temples
Trip to visit Valley of the Kings, Hatshipsut temple Excursions to visit Edfu temple according to the nile cruise itinerary
Excursions to visit Kom Ombo temple according to the nile cruise itinerary
Tour to visit Philae temple, unfinished obelisk and The High Dam
Sailing around the Elephantine island and Botanical Gardens
Entrance fees to the above mentioned sights between Luxor and Aswan
Egyptologist tour guide during your excursions and nile cruise holiday
Service charges and all applicable local taxes

Tour excludes
Personal expenses and Tipping Optional excursions to attend Sound and Light Show

Visa info:
Entry visa to Egypt is required and can be obtained upon arrival Egypt by our representative for American Citizens, Canadian Citizens, British Citizens, Australian and most of Europeans and Latin Americans Citizens please verify the nationality at time of booking, also Egyptian entry visa can be obtained form the Egyptian embassy at your end

Ashraf El Zahed Appointed As Four Seasons Director Of Hotel Marketing Middle East

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Ashraf El Zahed has been appointed as the new Director of Hotel Marketing Middle East and Egypt for Four Season Hotels and Resorts.

With 21 years in the Middle Eastern hospitality industry, El Zahed will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role where he will be responsible for marketing initiatives that will encourage travellers to take holidays in the Middle Eastern region and holidays to Egypt in the African continent.

El Zahed, an Egypt native, previously spent four years as the Senior Director of Marketing GCC and he will continue to be based in Doha in Qatar alongside Simon Casson, the Regional Vice President.

David Crowl, Vice President Sales & Marketing EMEA, commented: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts already has a significant presence in the Middle East with 9 properties. An enhanced corporate push in this region complements our robust developmental pipeline and builds on our long-term commitment to the region and to the development of an integrated Middle East marketing effort.

The new Director of Hotel Marketing worked as the Director of Sales and Marketing at Four Seasons Hotel Amman for two years, as well as taking on the role of Director of Sales at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at First Residence in Egypt, one of the most luxurious Egypt hotels in the capital city.

Ashraf El Zahed said: Its an exciting role, one that entails new responsibilities in one of the fastest growing markets in the world. It is a testament to the companys long-term vision in the strategic importance of the Middle East to see Four Seasons allocate new corporate resources to support existing hotels and future expansion in the region.

Four Season Hotels and Resorts operates hotels in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Beirut in Lebanon, Doha in Qatar, Damascus in Syria, Amman in Jordan, as well as a number of hotels for luxury Egypt holidays in cities including Alexandria, Cairo and the popular diving Red Sea resort, Sharm el Sheikh.

Travellers planning holidays can explore the countrys capital city of Cairo while staying in the Four Seasons at Hotel Cairo at the First Residence or the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza as their luxury base.

The hotel group is planning to expand its portfolio in the Middle East and Egypt with new projects including Abu Dhabi at Sowwah Island, Oman at Jebel Sifah, Bahrain at Bahrain Bay and Doha at the Pearl, Qatar.

Travel Egypt more freely with Ask Aladdin

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Egypt is a popular place for travelling. Every year lots of travellers use to visit the tourist spots in Egypt, spends lot of their vacation period on the soil of this country. Traveling to an unfamiliar environment makes people tensed about the present atmosphere as well as for the travel routes and other essential stuffs. You may heard already about ask Aladdin, which is an agency established itself as one of the best Egyptian guide for the last few years. They are able to satisfy their customers by providing all the details whatever they require and guide them throughout whole Egypt wherever the travellers wish to visit.

From pre travel stages the experts of ask Aladdin use to provide all informations so that the travellers might be well aware about the country, as well as present situation and environment of that place. All the experts hired by ask Aladdin have efficient knowledge on Egyptian history, ancient times, have a sense of humour as well as ability to communicate well. Ask Aladdin is the one and only helping agency for traveling to Egypt; this company asks every travel aspirants of Egypt to ask them their doubts and their experts is ready to answer all their doubts.

Ask Aladdin offers exclusive Egypt and Jordan Tours for the travellers. You can experience an unforgettable Egypt travel if you are there with ask Aladdin; it will be a top class experience and undoubtedly you have to find hard a contender of ask Aladdin though this will be for other country.Egypt is enriched with includes pyramids of Giza, explore Red and bent pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, Nile Cruises, red sea, explore Sakkara ancient tombs, magnificent Temple of Abu-Simbel and other famous places. The main cities of Egypt are Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurhgada etc.

Ask Aladdin offers Luxury Egypt tours within affordable prices with lots of facilities to make your tour a remarkable one. Whenever you gives your footprint to Egypt from then you will be hired by the Ask Aladdin agents and will be placed in five star hotels with a heavenly environment. They will also guide you about visa too.

The most important thing about ask Aladdin is they value all of their customers, on the way of travelling you can have different sorts of arts, Egyptian food items, music, etc. Egypt is a safe place now to travel; even a single foreign woman can travel there without any problem and ask Aladdin will take full care of her. As a whole your Egypt holidays will bring a lot of joyous moment in your life, so don’t waste your time and contact with Ask Aladdin.

This Article is written by Mrs Jenny Morag on behalf of ASK ALADDIN ,Private Egypt tours, and many more things about Egypt Vacations . For more information about Egypt vacations Plz Visit

Visit The Unesco World Heritage Sites Of Mauritius

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Mauritius, the name itself reminds you of sandy beaches. Located in the Indian Ocean the country is located 2400 kms away from the South East coast of Africa and derived its name from Dutch Prince Maurice Van Nassau. It has one of the most developing countries with the highest life expectancy of 73 years. The island was created by underwater volcanic eruptions. Beach lovers can find the place extremely beautiful.

The country remains busy in festivals throughout the year. It is the festivals that show the diversity in the culture. The celebration of multi religious festivals like Holi, Id El Fitr, Chinese Spring Festival, Maha Shivratri are testimony to the fact that people of this place live here in perfect harmony even though there may be a difference in their cultures. Some Mauritius Holiday Packages offer a visit to these festivals.

There are a number of reasons why you would always love to travel to this country again and again. Two UNESCO world heritage sites are located at this place. First, is the Le Morne Cultural Landscape. It is said that during the 18th and 19th century slaves used to take refuge to this place and hide behind the cliffs. One can still see here the offspring of the slave community residing here. It was in the year 2008 that Le Morne was declared as the world heritage sites. Next is the Apravasi Ghat Immigration Depot. It is the only place that gave shelter to more than a million immigrants from 1834 to 1920.

Who can forget about Dodo, the species that is responsible for putting Mauritius in the world map. It is a very unfortunate fact that this bird does not exist anymore and has become extinct. The extinction of the bird can be dated back to 1598 when sailors of a Dutch trading vessel caught the birds and started eating them. It is told that the last Dodo was seen in 1681.

You can enjoy some of the most lip smacking food and snacks while staying in Mauritius. Venison or the deer meat is one of the most popular food items. It can be cooked in many ways, but grilling is one of the most popular ways of cooking it. Preparing the dish is very easy. First, the meat is cut in to fillets. It is then coated with sesame oil and is then held in fire. If you taste it for the first time then you will keep asking for more. Grilled octopus is also delicious and is cooked fresh in the Port Louis market. The staple food of Mauritius is the Dhollpuri. Snack lovers can also try the samosa.

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