Les Cascades Golf Course Soma Bay Egypt

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Les Cascades Golf Course Soma Bay is a most beautiful championship golf course designed by Gary Player and is the first course on the Western Red Sea coast as well as the first championship course in the Middle East designed by one of the ‘Big Three’ (Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus).

The course has been described by Gary Player as the ‘next Pebble Beach’ and ranked amongst the 20 top golf courses in the world by readers of ‘Golf Journal’.

If you want to play golf in Egypt this course is not to be missed.

I stayed at La Residence des Cascades in Soma Bay in Egypt, and played the Cascades Course.

It is a unique experience to play a desert course with an ocean backdrop, and it is truly breathtaking.

Whilst it is a true Championship course, we as a family were able to play without handicap evidence as residents of the fabulous La Residence Des Cascades Hotel, staying in July, which is low season with only 10% occupancy.

As there are four different tee positions on every hole, the course works very well for players of all abilities, and there are views to die for on every hole. The contrasts between the lush well watered fairways and greens, and the desert sand where you would expect to find rough are just a beginning. When you follow this up with the turquoise and blue Red Sea, plus the distant mountains you could indeed think you were in paradise for you are.

Indeed I even rang work colleagues and friends who were all at work to gloat in the middle of my round!!!

There was no danger of disturbing fellow players as there were only 3 other playing groups on the course, possibly because the temperature was somewhere over 40 degrees centigrade!!

It must be said the complimentary carts, the quite stiff breeze, and the watering holes’ on the course did much to alleviate that!!

To look at photographs go to

I’ve played resort courses all over the world, and have had to produce evidence of handicap, and then seen fellow golfers hacking there way round no golf snobbery here just a lovely beautifully maintained course, green staff with immaculate manners it was a real treat.

It is no wonder that The Cascades Golf Course Soma Bay is often described as one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. The high quality of its hotel La Residence des Cascades makes this a trip worth making.

Look Out For The Best Nile Cruise In Egypt

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Egypt is one of the most popular and ancient tourist destinations. Every year more than thousands of tourists visit Egypt to explore the mysterious tombs and temples present here. There are many ways of exploring this beautiful city but the most preferred option is by the River Nile. Cruising along the Nile River is a once in a lifetime travel experience and the most beautiful way to explore the beauty of Egypt.

For centuries tourists visiting Egypt have opted for the Best Nile Cruise in Egyptto sail along the worlds longest river. The thrilling experience of visiting the tombs and beautiful temples in Egypt through the boat route has fascinated travellers since many years. The Nile cruise is a trip between Luxor and Aswan.

Why choose the Best Nile Cruise in Egypt

The quality of the accommodations in Cruise varies from cruise to cruise. The ones with a low star rating offer the tourists with smaller cabins and minimal amenities. Two twin beds, dresser for storage of the luggage and a shower are the only essentials available in the cabin. However the 5 star rating cruises have a lot more to offer the travellers with. The cabin space is much larger in comparison to the low star rating ones. Double bed, spacious bathrooms with the essential amenities such as bathtubs, toiletries and towels. The 5 star cruises even offer deluxe suites for their privileged customers.

Layout of the Nile Cruise

Majority of the cruises cruising along the River Nile have the same common layout. The cruise is spread across 4 decks plus an additional upper deck for the swimming pool. Every cruise has one lounge, bar, restaurant and a few souvenir shops depending upon the rating of the cruise.

Must Visit Temple Destinations in Egypt

Temple of Luxor: This temple is dedicated to Amun-Re. The entrance of this temple is quite majestic with two huge seated figures of Ramses 2. The beautiful carvings of people dancing, performing acrobatics are the main highlight of this temple.

Temple of Edfu: This temple is dedicated to Horus known as the Falcon God. Here one can see the image of man with a falcons head. In the ancient times falcons were worshipped mainly because they dont prefer eating dead flesh and hence were considered sacred.

Rush to the breathtaking and magnificent tour to Egypt

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Egypt travel is an unreachable dream for most of the persons because of high expenses. But those conditions were long gone. Egypt tourism board put forward a dozens of Egypt travel packages which makes the dream come true for the vacation lovers. They provides bag full of offers and discounts for the tourists and left the options to their choice to select. This Egypt tour packages has a unique reputation and tempt among the people all over the world.

It is been estimated that approximately 10 million people visiting Egypt as tourist per annum. Egypt tourism board concerns about the safety of its tourists and made lots of measures to ensure safety. Generally these kinds of tours consists travelling to beach, temples and sightseeing. But in order to make the tour thrilling and interesting the Egypt travel consists of wild life safari, boating and etc. The wild life safari takes the tourists to the live forest with complete safety measures where wild animals wandering around.

The Egypt travel allows the visitors to visit the places such as Alexandria, Luxor and Cairo. Cairo, capital city of the country Egypt, has been blessed with the rich culture, tradition and ancient pride. Egypt tourism provides facilities like lodging in luxurious hotels, transportation services for the sightseeing places etc. The tourists can visit any places as they wish in Egypt.

The Sphinx of Giza is the most important place that everyone should pay a visit. Then the most important thing that holds a strong place in history, The Pyramids, without visiting this, the tour won’t be completed and a satisfied one. The moment the tourist step in on pyramids, they will get a unique proud feel that they had visited a historical and most thrilling place in the world.

Make a visit to the Egypt travel packages on official websites and select one according to your wish. Even the tourists allow the customers to custom a tailor made packages. The customers can pay the agents by cash or cheque or draft. The agents are ready to accept the payment through credit and debit cards also. Usually the tourist agent will undertake all the responsibilities from the starting of tour to end of the tour. The only thing the tourist has to do is pay the money and enjoy the tour and its services. Egypt tourism would be a unforgettable one for the tourist for their lifetime.

Emma D’suza is an expert author for travel articles who provides information about international holidays including Egypt Tourism. Get all exclusive information about Egypt Travel and International travel packages.

Ancient Roman Tourists

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Route 66 A.D.: On the Trail of Ancient Roman Tourists by Australian author Tony Perrottet chronicles how ancient Rome invented the worlds first tourist industry by sending their citizens on the original Grand Tour of famous sites in the ancient world.

Along this route, Romans visited places like Troy, the Athenian Acropolis, the ruins of the fallen Colossus at Rhodes, and the Pyramids of Egyptto name just a few hot spots.

In this book, Perrottet used ancient texts and maps to follow in the footsteps of ancient Romans eager to see the world they conquered. He shares many of the anecdotes from these texts that describe bad food, inadequate accommodations, and pushy tour guides that demonstrate how little travel has changed between the present day and the time of Roman emperors.

Much of the book compares and contrasts past and present sites. Humorously, the author describes the Pompeii McDonalds where he began his tour to Rome, Naples, Sparta, Athens, the Aegean Islands and Cairo. A modern-day tour of the Roman Empire, the book weaves past and present together seamlessly making us wish we were there despite the crummy mattresses and ridiculous souvenirs.

Perrottet offers accounts of the Delphi where ancient travelers flocked to the worlds ultimate oracle and describes island-hopping in the Aegean as a mini-odyssey. While he and his travel companion faced certain hardships on their journey, he explained the real dangers that would have plagued ancient Roman travelers that included regional disease, bandits, rough seas and pirates. He discusses how Julius Caesar himself was kidnapped by pirates on his way to Rhodes for ransom.

Of particular delight are the authors descriptions of Ephesus of Asia Minor. His text reconstructs the glittering streets, the gates and library of this spectacular place that competes with Pompeii as the ultimate Roman archaeological site. He also described the erotic ballerinas that predated the exotic belly dancers of the region.

In any case, this book recreates the well-worn path of ancient Romans as well as how they lived on the road. They explored and they succumbed to many vices of particular areas, but as one Roman gravestone suggests, baths, wine, sex may ruin our bodies, but they make life worth living.

Psychic definition of Incorruptible saints

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The Psychic definition of Incorruptible saints is people who are dead but their corpses have been preserved very well after hundreds of years. Skeptical would argue that it this psychic mystery is not real and these dead bodies have been put in to a process that is very similar to mummification as it used to be in ancient Egypt.

Everyone can see the Psychic definition of Incorruptible saints when you going to some churches, they are displayed in a seal glass coffin so everyone will be able to watch the miracle. The believe is that there are some people who were referred as saints and after they died and buried there was a need to dig the body out from the ground. And when they did that they found out that it didn’t decomposed or rotten after all these years. This is something they could not explain so in the end that labeled it as an unsolved psychic mystery and sent many body parts all across the globe to show everyone this magic.

When it comes to psychic phenomena it is really hard to judge if it is a real case or fake. In is well known fact that some will think it is true and some will not bother even to listen. The problem is that there is no one truth. This is why the debate on these topics is so big and each side want to pull the explanation to his side. Basically the Psychic definition of Incorruptible saints is to defy the law of nature because everyone after his or her dead will rotten in the grave and it doesn’t matter what you think will happened to the soul – it might travel to heaven or hell or even if you don’t believe in anything that related to spirits the fact is that the body will perish. But even if it preserve it will not help you to get back to life in your physical body. There are some laboratories that are doing that exact experiment. They freeze the body or even only the brain after dead. And they will keep these capsules in that situation for a long time until we will have the advance technology to wake them to life again. Psychic definition and Incorruptible saints at the psychic mystery website!

Amazing Jamaican Delicacies

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Amazing Jamaican Delicacies

To most folk, Jamaica brings to mind beaches, rum and Reggae. But talk to anyone whos been there, and theyre bound to mention the food. Theres a staggering amount on offer; rich-tasting, diverse and well worth trying out. These are the five things you really should taste when visiting Jamaica.


Jerk is a staple in Jamaican food, often sold by street vendors and at beachside huts, but as youll see its on offer in bars and restaurants too. Youll come across jerk chicken, pork, goat, beef or even jerk fish because “jerk” basically describes the method of cooking. Meat or fish is marinated in a special sauce. The sauce used includes pimento seeds, herbs, and peppers. After a very long marinade the meat is cooked slowly, normally over an open flame. Each cook is likely to have a slightly different take on what goes into his or her sauce, and with some its a closely guarded secret!


Patties are to Jamaica what burgers and hotdogs are in the USA. They are sold everywhere in Jamaica, and there are heated opinions about what and who makes the perfect patty. Patties are filled and fried pie. Whether they contain meat or vegetables, theyre a very tasty, rich and filling fast food. Find a busy patty stand and you know youre in for a treat.


Rundown is normally served as a starter. Its a fish-based dish, and as youd expect the Jamaicans are experts at cooking seafood of all kinds. Prawns or fish are cooked in coconut milk and seasoned slowly for a long long time, until the flesh is so tender it can literally run down your face. Creamy and smooth, its a real taste of the Caribbean.

Escovitch Lobster

Another fish-based favourite, Escovitch Lobster should be tried at least once by everyone who visits Jamaica. Escovitch is probably best known as a lobster dish, but there are many seafood Escovitch versions. Describing it as fish cooked in vinegar and served with a vinegar sauce may be factual, but it really doesnt do the dish justice. Its a staple for restaurant menus for a very good reason. Fortunately that means that finding a place to sample it shouldnt be too difficult.

Dukunnu or Duckoono

Dukunnu (which is also called blue draws or tie-a-leaf) is served as a desert or a sweet snack. Coconut, grated yam or bananas, spices and cornmeal are mixed and tied up or wrapped in banana leaves. It is very rich, smooth, and very very tasty.

Worst Airline Safety Ratings Revealed

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Safety records and levels of service vary tremendously, from airline to airline. According to Skytrax, the best airlines in the world (with 5 star ratings) are as follows:

1.Asiana Airlines, 2.Cathay Pacific Airways, 3.Kingfisher Airlines, 4.Malaysia Airlines, 5.Qatar Airways, 6.Singapore Airlines.

The five stars ranking recognizes airlines at the forefront of product and service achievement according to Skytrax – airlines that generally set trends to be followed by other carriers.

Apart from these 5-star ratings, other airlines in the world are given ratings from zero stars to four stars, depending on a broad criteria. More than 800 different areas of product and service delivery for each airline are examined for both ground and onboard operations in deciding how the star ratings are awarded.

But what about the worst airlines in the world? What about airlines with the worst safety record in the world? For this we have to go to other sources of information.

Judging the worst airlines is much more difficult than judging the best ones. This is because some airlines in remote countries are difficult to compare with major airlines, given the number flights, the routes, the service, etc.

But when accident records are analysed, it is possible to produce a list of showing the worst airlines in the world. Here are the top ten worst airlines in terms of accident ratings, with the worst shown as number one:

1.Cubana Airline, accident rating 5.74. 2.China Airlines, accident rating 3.57. 3.Avianca Colombian Airline, accident rating 3.15 4.TAM Airline, accident rating 2.76. 5.Korean Air, accident rating 2.26. 6.Egypt Air, accident rating 2.06. 7.Indian Air Lines, accident rating 1.94. 8.Taesa Airlines, accident rating 1.83. 9.China Soutwest Airlines, accident rating 1.74. 10.Aeromexico, accident rating 1.55.

The above list was researched by ‘Airline Accident Ratings’ for the 20-year period from 1981 to 2000 (the latest data). The ratings are based on number of flights, number of fatal accidents, and the fatality rate of those accidents. Clearly, this information cannot and should not be used to provide an accurate assessment of an airline safety rating or future risk of an accident. Furthermore, the list does not endorse or condemn any particular airline, and a lot can change in the period 2000 – 2008.

However, it is clear that some airlines have a very poor safety record and it is only right to bring this to the attention of the public.

When examining safety records of airlines, one thing springs out: most causes of fatal airline accidents are due to pilot error. According to figures compiled over a fifty year period by ?Plane Crash Info?, pilot error accounts for 53% of all fatal airline accidents!

The figures for airline pilot error have on average remained pretty constant since the 1950′s, showing that modern technology is not leading to a reduction in the incidence of pilot error.

Enjoy Your Trip With Resorts In Mysore

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Mysore is one of the best options for an adventurous and a perfect weekend getaway. Be it with family or friends, it is a splendid place to visit. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore, which was ruled by the Wodeyars. The Wodeyars have a major contribution in the cultural heritage of the city which has a huge inflow of tourists throughout the year. It is situated at the foot of the Chamundi Hills which is famous for the Chamundeshwari temple and is easily accessible through flights, buses or trains. The city boasts of amazing flora & fauna and rich architectural heritage.

Hotels in Mysore blend in with the ambience of the city, making the visit an unforgettable and a pleasant experience. The people are warm & friendly making one feel at home. The hotels have special tourist packages enabling the guests to efficiently cover all the well known tourist destinations. The most famous attraction of the city is the Mysore Palace. It has been there since the time of the Wodeyar dynasty. It is such a wonder to behold the Majestic palace and its fine architecture.

The palace is illuminated with millions of lights in the night which can be seen in many photographs portraying the city. Dasara is a festival which was celebrated by the Wodeyars who ruled the city once. Even now the festival is celebrated with pomp & glory. It is celebrated for over a 10 day period which consists of various processions and rituals. It has very interesting mythological history too. Mysore and other nearby cities are named after mythological characters.

Lush forests surround the city which has many places of interest. The Chamundeshwari temple in the Chamundi hills is one among them. This temple was built in honor of the Goddess Chamundeshwari who killed a demon.

Resorts in Mysore provide a perfect leisure abode. The Krishnarajasagar Dam is a blissful place to visit. The Brindhavan garden is home to a musical fountain which is illuminated in an array of colors which is a sight not to be missed. Mysore resorts are easily accessible and are at optimum distance from major tourist attractions. It being the cultural capital of Karnataka is the perfect place to enjoy weekends away from the terrible routine which can be tiring. Find the best hotels and resorts online to enjoy a perfect holiday.

China Ancient wonders

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China is a land of ancient wonders. It’s so different from the norm of western travelers that a first visit there can be a bit threaten. Today, we will become familiar with some basic traveler information on China. If you have always dreamed about traveling through Asia, China could be the perfect place for your next, or perhaps even first adventurous journey.

China is not merely a haven but a heaven for tourists. It abounds in beauty and beauties, both natural and artificial. No tour of China is complete without visiting the dramatic and varied landscape the country has to offer. There is no better way to enjoy the natural beauty of China than the wonderful landscape along the Li River. The contrast between the peaceful waters of the river and the dramatic slopes of the surrounding mountains makes for one of the most picture perfect landscapes in the country. Guilin is famous for having China’s most beautiful landscape. Yangshuo is famous for having Guilin’s most beautiful hills and waters.

The Great Wall of China is one of the most highly visited tourist attraction in Beijing, China. It is in fact the symbol of China. The Great Wall has been recently added to the one out of the twenty one finalists running for the New 7 Wonders of the World to be decided in July 2007..

China is known for its rich and massive historical culture this has led to the number of festivals being celebrated all year within China. There are several festivals in China, but the Spring Festival is the most important event. This marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar Year among Chinese people all over the world.

China holidays are becoming increasingly popular, with a range of luxury hotels in China to choose from, excellent cuisine throughout the country, and a range of wonderful sights to see. A culturally rich country, you won’t be bored when wandering the streets of both its major cities and small villages, where age-old traditions and colourful dress await you.

So china tour is really amazing you can enjoy the trip with your family and loved ones. Waterfall is very impressive in whole Tour; visitors may enjoy the scene most in evening. Right travel provides you best way to visit china.

Dofollow Blog Write Definition about Prehistoric

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Dofollow Blog Write Definition about Prehistoric

Prehistory is the period or era when humans were still recognize handwriting or BC era. Prehistoric, since the existence of the universe began, but the more common is when they begin to availability of human life on earth.Prehistory is part of the history of science and the beginning of history. The end of the prehistoric era is not the same for every race, hanging from since when people recognize handwriting. For example, people know Egypt has been writing since 4000 years BC. This means that the nation has entered the era of Egyptian history dating back 6000 years ago.Indonesia’s history began in the era of the 5th century when the founding of the Kutai kingdom which is the oldest kingdom in Indonesia. This is evidenced by the discovery of the heritage Yupa shaped inscription on the side of the Mahakam River Kutai. Because there is no writing in prehistoric times, the relics in the form of prehistoric era paleontology, astronomy, biology, geology, anthropology and archeology.Human life has been around since prehistoric times and divided divided 2 times, first time Pleistocene / pleistocen about 10,000 years ago humans not know where to look for food aid and self-defense. The second is the time Holocene / holocen where humans began identifying tools for hunting and self-defense. They called cavemen.The type of ancient human example, meganthropus, meganthropus Robustus, pithecanthropus, pithecanthropus mojokertensis, pithecanthropus erectus, pithecanthropus soloensis, and so on.Based on the findings, animal life has been around since about 65 million years ago, and they called the ancient beast. For example dinosaurs, tiranosaurus-rex, mammoths, Smilodon / sabretooth, coelacanth, deinotheirum, longisquama insiqnis, ambulocetus, chalicotherim, macrauchenia, arthropluera Armata, and so on.One of the ancient crops are plants that have lived fern forest carbon since the time of around 65-27 million years ago and lived until now.

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