The Nuts and Bolts of Airfare Deals

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Shopping for airline tickets has come a long way since the days of calling the airline companies directly to reserve your itinerary. The advent of the internet has given everyday consumers the ability to book airfares without the assistance of airline customer service representatives or travel agents. Heres some information that will make you more knowledgeable about how to get the best deal when booking flights yourself online.

Have you ever seen the prices for a flight fluctuate drastically in the same day? This is because most airlines use robust, database driven software that factors historical purchase data along with current ticket supply and demand to determine ticket prices. For example, if a flight is selling out too fast compared with past flights for that same route, ticket prices will rise and vice versa. Prices are updated multiple times a day and even real-time in some systems.

Are you a business traveler? Airline companies are well aware that businesses are willing to pay more for airfares then the average consumer, so they commonly implement the Saturday Night Stay Over requirement to capitalize on them. If youre a non-business traveler try to incorporate a Saturday night stay over to avoid this fee. If youre on business, show your employer how much theyll save by letting you stay the weekend, if you so desire.

What are the most inexpensive days to fly? Tuesdays and Thursdays are historically the cheapest days to fly, with Wednesdays and Saturdays being a close second. Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive. This all goes back to the aforementioned ticket demand data that helps determine ticket prices. The same holds true for seasonal popularity and times of day. Flying red-eye during non-peak seasons is generally cheaper because those flights have less demand.

When is the best time to book my flight? Prices on last minute airfare can be highly volatile so try to book in advance. At the last minute, airlines know youre desperate and are willing to pay more. However, occasionally the airlines are desperate to fill seats, so prices might decrease. For travel during popular holidays (i.e. Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving) and internationally try book at least three months in advance. Most travel sites recommend booking 7, 14 or 21 days in advance, but in my experiences the rates associated with these intervals usually get bought up way before then. So, even for domestic flights I start looking several months in advance.

One of the most important things to consider when traveling is to try to resist mainstream travel patterns. If you can avoid traveling during peak seasons, days of the week and times of the day you can experience substantial savings. If you can think outside the box when planning your trip, you can find the discount airfares the airlines were forced to mark down to ensure a sold-out flight.

What About Nightlife In Hurghada, Egypt

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From discos and clubs to bars and cafes, Hurghada provides numerous nightlife options. This Hurghada travel guide explores the many nighttime activities that are available to you.

Hurghada Nightlife
The Egyptian coastal town of Hurghada has only come into its own in the past few decades, but even before the modern era it was a light-hearted area, known for its busy little fishing harbor and its devoted scuba diving enthusiasts.

For many years the only “nightlife” in the town was created by the visiting divers who would host a party on the beach or in a local restaurant. Today however Hurghada is one of the “Red Sea Rivera’s” premier party hotspots. A thriving business from young, international tourists fills the town’s hotels, discos, clubs, bars and cafes each night of the week.

While Hurghada is still known as one of the regions best scuba diving locations, with many schools and support services available, as well as a fleet of glass bottomed boats for the less daring travelers, it is becoming just as equally well known for its nightlife.

The Sekalla Area
The majority of the population and tourist areas are in the Sekalla neighborhood which is located along the town’s waterfront. Here visitors can find most of the hotels and resorts, as well as the commercial and entertainment district.

The Hurghada Marine Boulevard contains more than eighty shops and boutiques, over a dozen restaurants and seven bars, as well as unusual entertainment like the “bungee cannon” ride that launches hearty guests high into the air above the harbor.

The Sekalla area is a network of interconnected buildings, since the district’s many hotels are actually connected to at least one other hotel, and guests can wander freely through the shops and cafes at all such establishments.

The Resorts and Hotels
In addition to the clubs and bars that serve as hosts to the many visitors, many of the resorts and hotels have their own discos and nightclubs, many with weekly shows or planned events that welcome guests and hotel patrons alike.

Some of the resorts plan less youthful and exuberant nighttime activities, which include local musicians and dancers, floor shows and even some lectures about the history and culture of Egypt. Some guests will also plan their trip to Hurghada to include an evening meal in a camp of the local Bedouin people.

Hurghada’s nightlife is among the busiest and most popular along the Egyptian coast, it sees many visitors who enjoy the “loosening” of some of the region’s cultural standards, but it also is popular with a diverse international crowd as well. This is the reason it continues to flourish and develop into a world class destination.

How To Make Use Of Travel Agents To Help Plan Your Trip

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Human beings have always a fascination to travel.The human race are nomad in nature and we have been able to get evidence that proves that the early humans used to travel here and forth in search of food and shelter. With the progress in time sources of food and guarrantty for shelter have strengthened leading to the decrease in presuure for the humans in terms of searching the right way to survive. Yet still, most of the people love to travel some place else in order to find satisfaction of mind and body. Vacations are one of the most common trends now-a-day and it is safe to imagine that no one is there on this planet who doesnt want to travel to exotic places. The demand has been rising for organisations, which provide such services and provide facilities to the interested people to travel to their desired places. This era has noticed many revolutions in terms of travelling options and technology has come to great help. Today a person can easily get a best deal on the Internet and compare the prices and quality and choose the offers according to his or her convenience.companies like have been working actively in order to provide deals to the customers that would be pretty worthy for the tourists. It is considered to be an intelligent job to deal with a travel agent in order to seek the convinient ways of travelling to distant places. The ask-aladin is an online travel agent and provides great deals to the Egyptian travel planners. There are several advantages that can be get hold of if someone chooses to travel with the help of a travel agent. The advantages are as follows:

Budget friendly: A travel agent knows each and every aspect of any place and he knows how to cut off price and deliver a budget friendly trip. The travel agents are pretty expert in the knowledge about the respective place of tourism; otherwise he couldnt have become a travel agent. Therefore, it is easy to assume that a travel agent knows everything related to the trip that would allow lowering the budget to the best possible extent.

Safe: Today the world is full of certain people who are full of negative intentions and try out several ways to generate money in evil means. It is often seen that a tourist is harrassed in such a way that the people harrassing them are able to earn some money. Not only that, often women are abused by certain evildoers and many have been a prey to the lustful creatures. An experienced travel agent makes it much easier to stay safe as they offer certain facilities to keep them safe.

Therefore if you are one of the Egypt travel planners or trying to plan for a vacation in some place else then you must visit the neares travel agent or just log on to

The Incredible Phenomenon At Abu Simbel Sun Festival

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On two days, traditionally the anniversary of the birthday and coronation of pharaoh Ramses II, a shaft of sunlight pierces the gloom, illuminating statues of gods and the king in the temples inner sanctum.
The Festival:
The Abu Simbel Sun Festival at Aswan, Egypt is observed twice every year on 22nd Of February and on 22nd of October, the dates that mark the emperors birthday and his ascension to the throne. On these days, shafts of sunlight enter into the temple and illuminate the statues of the great king Ramses II and the two sun
gods Re-Horakhte and Amen-Re seated beside the Theban god Ptah, the god of darkness.
As the temple remains in absolute darkness through out the year and receives sunlight on these two very special days, the rare phenomenon is a scene that you just cannot afford to miss. Celebrated in a big way by the locals, undoubtedly the Sun Festival at Abu Simbel is one of the most uncommon and astounding festivals in the world.
To be a part of Egypts Abu Simbel Sun Festival, reach the temple way before dawn, as it is packed with crowd and watch the spectacular event occur before your eyes. You may al
so join in the celebrations of dance, music, food and fun later in the day to have a wholesome experience at the Abu Simbel Sun Festival in Egypt.
The specialty of the Abu Simbel Temple:
An architectural wonder, the Abu Simbel temple was built by the Egyptian emperor Ramses II back in 1250 BC along the banks of the mighty river, Nile in the southern part of Egypt. Known for his genius concepts in architecture and a passion for erecting monuments and structures commemorating his victories in the battles fought, the Pharaoh built the Abu Simbel temple near the Nubia borders in Upper Egypt, during his rule from 1270 to 1213.
As the temple was meant to be dedicated to the two Egyptian sun gods, Re-Horakhte and Amen-Re; the entire building was carved out of a single sandstone in a way that the sunrays could enter the inner-most sanctum of the temple and illuminate the seated statues of king Ramses II and the two sun gods, only on two significant days of the year.

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Egypt Last Minute Travel Tips

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In general, Egypt is a safe country to travel. Egyptians are very friendly – if you are in need of assistance they will generally try to help you as much as they are able, more than any one imagine. For example, if you take a taxi from Cairo to Alexandria, you will be stopped at a checkpoint before leaving Cairo. They will ask where you are going, and communicate with the checkpoint at Alexandria to make sure you reach your destination within a certain time period. The same goes for most trips into the desert. During different branches of your drive, you may be escorted by local police. They will travel to your destination with you, wait around until you are finished, and usually stay behind at one of the next checkpoints.There are also several checkpoints from Cairo to Sharm el Shiekh when traveling by coach. Military officials get on the coach and check passports.

The usual warnings for prudent behaviour apply, but are not the same as in New York or London. In the latter, the anxiety is highest with respect to bombs. In Egypt, the bloodiest terrorist attacks have involved groups shooting on tourists. As for casual crime (muggings and robberies), Egypt is quite safe. As for pickpocketing, really the problem is probably greater than it is in most Western cities. Facing danger in Egypt is much less violent attack than the less dangerous problem of cheating and scams.

You will find security situation when visit egypt (as in many countries) is frequently exaggerated by Western media outlets, creating a negative impressions that is somewhat amplified by the heavy-handed policies of Egyptian authorities in keeping tourists safe. The reality is that travelling in Egypt is probably no more hazardous, with regard to terrorism, than visiting most Western capitals (and probably a lot safer!) Egypt relies heavily on foreign tourism for its national income and both Egyptians and their government are extremely keen to prevent any occurrence that might create a bad impression and keep tourists away. Tourism is one of the country’s most important sources of hard currency, and besides not wanting any untoward incidents, Egypt is very pragmatic and wants in no way to jeopardize a vital economic benefit. published by: Egypt shore excursions

Les Cascades Golf Course Soma Bay Egypt

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Les Cascades Golf Course Soma Bay is a most beautiful championship golf course designed by Gary Player and is the first course on the Western Red Sea coast as well as the first championship course in the Middle East designed by one of the ‘Big Three’ (Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus).

The course has been described by Gary Player as the ‘next Pebble Beach’ and ranked amongst the 20 top golf courses in the world by readers of ‘Golf Journal’.

If you want to play golf in Egypt this course is not to be missed.

I stayed at La Residence des Cascades in Soma Bay in Egypt, and played the Cascades Course.

It is a unique experience to play a desert course with an ocean backdrop, and it is truly breathtaking.

Whilst it is a true Championship course, we as a family were able to play without handicap evidence as residents of the fabulous La Residence Des Cascades Hotel, staying in July, which is low season with only 10% occupancy.

As there are four different tee positions on every hole, the course works very well for players of all abilities, and there are views to die for on every hole. The contrasts between the lush well watered fairways and greens, and the desert sand where you would expect to find rough are just a beginning. When you follow this up with the turquoise and blue Red Sea, plus the distant mountains you could indeed think you were in paradise for you are.

Indeed I even rang work colleagues and friends who were all at work to gloat in the middle of my round!!!

There was no danger of disturbing fellow players as there were only 3 other playing groups on the course, possibly because the temperature was somewhere over 40 degrees centigrade!!

It must be said the complimentary carts, the quite stiff breeze, and the watering holes’ on the course did much to alleviate that!!

To look at photographs go to

I’ve played resort courses all over the world, and have had to produce evidence of handicap, and then seen fellow golfers hacking there way round no golf snobbery here just a lovely beautifully maintained course, green staff with immaculate manners it was a real treat.

It is no wonder that The Cascades Golf Course Soma Bay is often described as one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. The high quality of its hotel La Residence des Cascades makes this a trip worth making.

Look Out For The Best Nile Cruise In Egypt

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Egypt is one of the most popular and ancient tourist destinations. Every year more than thousands of tourists visit Egypt to explore the mysterious tombs and temples present here. There are many ways of exploring this beautiful city but the most preferred option is by the River Nile. Cruising along the Nile River is a once in a lifetime travel experience and the most beautiful way to explore the beauty of Egypt.

For centuries tourists visiting Egypt have opted for the Best Nile Cruise in Egyptto sail along the worlds longest river. The thrilling experience of visiting the tombs and beautiful temples in Egypt through the boat route has fascinated travellers since many years. The Nile cruise is a trip between Luxor and Aswan.

Why choose the Best Nile Cruise in Egypt

The quality of the accommodations in Cruise varies from cruise to cruise. The ones with a low star rating offer the tourists with smaller cabins and minimal amenities. Two twin beds, dresser for storage of the luggage and a shower are the only essentials available in the cabin. However the 5 star rating cruises have a lot more to offer the travellers with. The cabin space is much larger in comparison to the low star rating ones. Double bed, spacious bathrooms with the essential amenities such as bathtubs, toiletries and towels. The 5 star cruises even offer deluxe suites for their privileged customers.

Layout of the Nile Cruise

Majority of the cruises cruising along the River Nile have the same common layout. The cruise is spread across 4 decks plus an additional upper deck for the swimming pool. Every cruise has one lounge, bar, restaurant and a few souvenir shops depending upon the rating of the cruise.

Must Visit Temple Destinations in Egypt

Temple of Luxor: This temple is dedicated to Amun-Re. The entrance of this temple is quite majestic with two huge seated figures of Ramses 2. The beautiful carvings of people dancing, performing acrobatics are the main highlight of this temple.

Temple of Edfu: This temple is dedicated to Horus known as the Falcon God. Here one can see the image of man with a falcons head. In the ancient times falcons were worshipped mainly because they dont prefer eating dead flesh and hence were considered sacred.

Rush to the breathtaking and magnificent tour to Egypt

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Egypt travel is an unreachable dream for most of the persons because of high expenses. But those conditions were long gone. Egypt tourism board put forward a dozens of Egypt travel packages which makes the dream come true for the vacation lovers. They provides bag full of offers and discounts for the tourists and left the options to their choice to select. This Egypt tour packages has a unique reputation and tempt among the people all over the world.

It is been estimated that approximately 10 million people visiting Egypt as tourist per annum. Egypt tourism board concerns about the safety of its tourists and made lots of measures to ensure safety. Generally these kinds of tours consists travelling to beach, temples and sightseeing. But in order to make the tour thrilling and interesting the Egypt travel consists of wild life safari, boating and etc. The wild life safari takes the tourists to the live forest with complete safety measures where wild animals wandering around.

The Egypt travel allows the visitors to visit the places such as Alexandria, Luxor and Cairo. Cairo, capital city of the country Egypt, has been blessed with the rich culture, tradition and ancient pride. Egypt tourism provides facilities like lodging in luxurious hotels, transportation services for the sightseeing places etc. The tourists can visit any places as they wish in Egypt.

The Sphinx of Giza is the most important place that everyone should pay a visit. Then the most important thing that holds a strong place in history, The Pyramids, without visiting this, the tour won’t be completed and a satisfied one. The moment the tourist step in on pyramids, they will get a unique proud feel that they had visited a historical and most thrilling place in the world.

Make a visit to the Egypt travel packages on official websites and select one according to your wish. Even the tourists allow the customers to custom a tailor made packages. The customers can pay the agents by cash or cheque or draft. The agents are ready to accept the payment through credit and debit cards also. Usually the tourist agent will undertake all the responsibilities from the starting of tour to end of the tour. The only thing the tourist has to do is pay the money and enjoy the tour and its services. Egypt tourism would be a unforgettable one for the tourist for their lifetime.

Emma D’suza is an expert author for travel articles who provides information about international holidays including Egypt Tourism. Get all exclusive information about Egypt Travel and International travel packages.

Ancient Roman Tourists

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Route 66 A.D.: On the Trail of Ancient Roman Tourists by Australian author Tony Perrottet chronicles how ancient Rome invented the worlds first tourist industry by sending their citizens on the original Grand Tour of famous sites in the ancient world.

Along this route, Romans visited places like Troy, the Athenian Acropolis, the ruins of the fallen Colossus at Rhodes, and the Pyramids of Egyptto name just a few hot spots.

In this book, Perrottet used ancient texts and maps to follow in the footsteps of ancient Romans eager to see the world they conquered. He shares many of the anecdotes from these texts that describe bad food, inadequate accommodations, and pushy tour guides that demonstrate how little travel has changed between the present day and the time of Roman emperors.

Much of the book compares and contrasts past and present sites. Humorously, the author describes the Pompeii McDonalds where he began his tour to Rome, Naples, Sparta, Athens, the Aegean Islands and Cairo. A modern-day tour of the Roman Empire, the book weaves past and present together seamlessly making us wish we were there despite the crummy mattresses and ridiculous souvenirs.

Perrottet offers accounts of the Delphi where ancient travelers flocked to the worlds ultimate oracle and describes island-hopping in the Aegean as a mini-odyssey. While he and his travel companion faced certain hardships on their journey, he explained the real dangers that would have plagued ancient Roman travelers that included regional disease, bandits, rough seas and pirates. He discusses how Julius Caesar himself was kidnapped by pirates on his way to Rhodes for ransom.

Of particular delight are the authors descriptions of Ephesus of Asia Minor. His text reconstructs the glittering streets, the gates and library of this spectacular place that competes with Pompeii as the ultimate Roman archaeological site. He also described the erotic ballerinas that predated the exotic belly dancers of the region.

In any case, this book recreates the well-worn path of ancient Romans as well as how they lived on the road. They explored and they succumbed to many vices of particular areas, but as one Roman gravestone suggests, baths, wine, sex may ruin our bodies, but they make life worth living.

Psychic definition of Incorruptible saints

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The Psychic definition of Incorruptible saints is people who are dead but their corpses have been preserved very well after hundreds of years. Skeptical would argue that it this psychic mystery is not real and these dead bodies have been put in to a process that is very similar to mummification as it used to be in ancient Egypt.

Everyone can see the Psychic definition of Incorruptible saints when you going to some churches, they are displayed in a seal glass coffin so everyone will be able to watch the miracle. The believe is that there are some people who were referred as saints and after they died and buried there was a need to dig the body out from the ground. And when they did that they found out that it didn’t decomposed or rotten after all these years. This is something they could not explain so in the end that labeled it as an unsolved psychic mystery and sent many body parts all across the globe to show everyone this magic.

When it comes to psychic phenomena it is really hard to judge if it is a real case or fake. In is well known fact that some will think it is true and some will not bother even to listen. The problem is that there is no one truth. This is why the debate on these topics is so big and each side want to pull the explanation to his side. Basically the Psychic definition of Incorruptible saints is to defy the law of nature because everyone after his or her dead will rotten in the grave and it doesn’t matter what you think will happened to the soul – it might travel to heaven or hell or even if you don’t believe in anything that related to spirits the fact is that the body will perish. But even if it preserve it will not help you to get back to life in your physical body. There are some laboratories that are doing that exact experiment. They freeze the body or even only the brain after dead. And they will keep these capsules in that situation for a long time until we will have the advance technology to wake them to life again. Psychic definition and Incorruptible saints at the psychic mystery website!

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