Pacifica Forum

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The Pacifica Forum


Discussion group

To provide information and perspective on the issues of war and peace


Eugene, Oregon[1]


Orval Etter


The Pacifica Forum was a controversial discussion group in Eugene, Oregon, United States, described by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2010 as a “formerly left-wing discussion group that has increasingly embraced right-wing extremism.” [1] It has been listed as a white nationalist[2] hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). It was hosted by retired University of Oregon (UO) professor Orval Etter.[1] The Pacifica Forum is currently the only group in Oregon that is listed as white nationalist by the SPLC.[2]

According to the group’s founder, Orval Etter, the Pacifica Forum’s purpose is to “provide information and points of view” on “war and peace, militarism and pacifism, violence and non-violence.”[citation needed] The group was named the Pacifica Forum after a San Francisco-area supper club that had discussed similar issues.[citation needed]
When it was founded in 1994, the Pacifica Forum had a generally left-wing orientation.[citation needed] However, in recent years it has also hosted right-wing speakers.[citation needed] Two regular members and presenters at the forum made a very public disassociation in August 2007 [2] when it changed direction, publishing the following guest opinion in the Eugene Register-Guard [3]:
“Referring to the Pacifica Forum presentation by Mark Weber, a Jewish friend of mine complained, “I don’t need a white racist to tell me about Israel’s racism!” This is among several pejorative descriptors that have been applied – fairly or unfairly – to this speaker. Whether or not this term applies to Weber, it may be fairly applied to a small group within the forum who have invited and funded his visit.
Weber will briefly come and go, but this group is the reason we have disassociated ourselves from Pacifica after providing many presentations and films over two years on numerous topics ranging from the illegality of the Iraq War to racism, impeachment, CIA atrocities, PTSD, war profiteering, and depleted uranium. And yes, to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and proposed solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Founded by pacifist Orva